Becoming familiar with the products purpose, users, environment, lifespan, technology, rivals and competitors.

2.Conceptual Design

Thinking, Discussing, Sketching, Modeling, and Mapping the possibilities for analysis and selection.

3.Design Iterations

Designing, creating, and testing protoypes. Adapting or redesigning to produce a final model.

4.Design for Manufacturing

Interfacing with manufacturers, Preparing models for mould production, Creating drawings and documentation.


Nicholas Imrie

B. Sc., B.I.D.

For the last fifteen years I have been working with Inventors, Start Ups, Manufacturers and Organizations to create products and communicate ideas.

I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and grew up on the beautiful Atlantic coast exploring urban and rural life on foot, ski, horse, canoe, and bicycle.

Building on an early fascination with biological diversity, behaviour and society I enrolled in the renowned Foundation Year Programme at the University of King's College/ Dalhousie University.There was the rare opportunity to study humanities and science in parallel but without compromise.

While finishing my degree in biology I developed an interest in architecture and industrial design. I moved to Ottawa to attend Carleton University graduating with distinction and awards for seminar and medical product design. I remained in Ottawa for several years designing interfaces for early dynamic web-applications before moving back to Halifax to work freelance.

Soon after my return, I became involved in projects that involved GPS navigation, surveillance, wearable computing and medical equipment and was a core team member during the establishment of the Innovation and Design Lab (iDLab) at Dalhousie University.

I continue to work with local and foreign businesses and mentor students.



1666 Oxford Street

Halifax, Nova Scotia


B3H 3Z4